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Exhibit A - Live In Europe + Free Poster

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03/14/08P- Walter Trout New Album News
03/04/08M- Masters Of Reality 2008
10/26/07Mascot-Provogue Records signs North American distribution deal!
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Dr. Lebrun, Prof, of Clinical Surgery in the Univer-
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On the 2nd of April, 1867, Joseph Marshall, machinist,
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rial "Minor Sins against our Code of •Ethics," you
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was not without humor and sarcasm. Moreover he was a careful and un-
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If, however, Salerno may be considered the forerunner and model of
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beginning of the modern era, when medicine migrated from Italy to the
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Alexandria and famous as an anatomist, but opposed by Galen ; Quintus,
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a " scab " appeared upon its site, which was painless
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revealed in the admonition of the authorities to the physicians, adopted
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with three cases of this description. The first I inci-
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of quinia, with free stimulation and careful nourish-
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In diseases of the upper half of the body he selected the arm, head, neck or
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I would respectfully inquire if Dr. Barker's case of
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all rust spots must be rubbed off with a scratch brush.
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Burmans for the Army. One of the main arguments used has been that, if Burma
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painful, and contracted labors, and in controlling all
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we find, however, an entirely modern medical and military S}-stem, though
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sacrificer by offerings, and the discreet man by fools.

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